I'm having a lot of fun creating

  • Wedding favors
  • Bridesmaid gifts
  • Hostess favors
  • Business gifts (think gift baskets) and
  • Bed and Breakfast table items
  • other specialty bottles

Here is the deal:  I’ll fill your jars with my delicious honey.  You provide the jars and labels.  I’ll provide the honey.  

Spanla has some nice little 4oz jars.  Amazon offers them.  You can probably find them elsewhere too.  

BeeGeorge Honey, LLC 

Dadant has these cute little skep jars.  

I don't love the lids but they are perhaps good enough. 


Just a few ideas of where to look for jars.  Please check with me FIRST before ordering jars.  Narrow openings are very hard to fill.  

Gamber Containers has a variety of containers but most may be larger than you want.  Worth checking out.