BeeGeorge Honey, LLC 

​​BeeGeorge runs approximately 200 colonies in Talbot and Montgomery Counties.  He sells honey at retail locations and a few fairs as well as nucs and packages.  Occasionally, he even teaches a class for new beekeepers.  

As a baby, his mother put his cradle next 
to the open window to offer some breeze.

A swarm of bees landed on his cradle starting a life-long passion.


Honey = 100%

Anything Else = 0%

  • Studied beekeeping at Ohio State University Agriculture Technical Institute in beautiful Wooster Ohio under Dr. Jim Tew, earning a certificate degree.
  • Ran pollination units for muskmelons in Central America working the Africanized bees. 
  • Worked for the Maryland Department of Agriculture as an "at large" regional bee inspector
  • Past president of the Wye River Beekeepers and the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association
  • Maryland State Beekeepers Association vice president representing Talbot County.


About BeeGeorge

BeeGeorge started keeping bees slightly before he was born.