I will have 5 frame nucs with marked queen available in the spring of 2024.  Now accepting orders  

Prices are $200   

Busting out with bees and tons of brood.  

Orders  I'm taking orders now. Specify whether you want a medium or deep nucs. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required.  First deposit in, first nuc out.    

They are typically late April into the first half of May.  First order first served.  Last year, 2023, many nucs were ready in mid April.  Be ready, don't wait for the last minute to purchase your hive parts. 

As my repeat customers will attest, they come loaded with bees and brood.  

Please send a ½ deposit to secure your place in line.  

Please include email and phone numbers so I can contact you when yours is ready (every year, someone's email changes and without a phone number, I've no way to reach them).  

Payment can be check, cash, venmo or paypal (you have to type the whole email address for it to come up)

Also, sometime in April, I have a beginners day where new beekeepers can practice lighting their smokers, open hives, see brood, see the queen, etc...  Just designed to get your hands wet, not designed as a formal class on beekeeping.  

Please ask questions.  


Honey = 100%

Anything Else = 0%

Should I get a package or a nuc?

Nucs - stands for nucleus, is a fully functional hive with a laying queen.  Think:  starter hive. BeeGeorge nucs have 5 drawn combs so that your new bees are already working away.  (see pic)  As well as the bees, you also get the frames.  Installation is much easier than a package.   The price isn't that much more making nucs a better value, if you ask me.  

Packages - this is three pounds of bees with a queen in a screened cage.  You install (pour) them into your awaiting equipment.  If you don't have drawn comb, I strongly recommend getting a nuc.  Its very hard on the bees to start from scratch.  The price isn't much less but sometimes you can get them earlier. 

Nuc Sales 2024

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Nuc and Queen Sales


Medium or Deep?  

What does that mean?

  • It refers to the size of the frame
  • You should match the frame size to the rest of your equipment.  
  • If you have both sizes, well then, it's really up to you.