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Nuc and Package Bee Sales

Medium or Deep?  

What does that mean?

  • It refers to the size of the frame.  
  • You should match the frame size to the rest of your equipment.  
  • If you have both sizes, well then, it's really up to you.  

BeeGeorge is not going to produce nucs for the 2018 season.  No particular reason.  I can recommend alternatives.  

These are five frame nucs, busting out with bees.  Marked queens and lots of brood.    

Orders will be accepted after the first of the year, January 2018.  Specify whether you want a medium or deep nucs.  Please ask questions.   

They will be ready on ... well since hive development is completely weather dependent, they will be ready exactly when they are but most are ready in May.  :)

It is first come first serve, however so order early.  

Package Sales

BeeGeorge will not have packages in 2018.  No particular reason.  I can recommend alternatives.   

The packages will be three pound packages.  BeeGeorge has bought them from the same place for years and they have always been top notch.  


Honey = 100%

Anything Else = 0%

Should I get a package or a nuc?

Packages - this is three pounds of bees with a queen in a screened cage.  (see pic above)  You install (pour) them into your awaiting equipment.  If you don't have drawn comb, I strongly recommend getting a nuc.  Its very hard on the bees to start from scratch.  They will do it, but it's just harder than necessary.  Packages are less expensive than nucs though.

Nucs - stands for nucleus, is a fully functional hive with a laying queen.  It's just smaller than a regular hive. BeeGeorge nucs have 5 drawn combs so that your new bees are already working away.  (see pic above)  As well as the bees, you also get the frames.  Installation is also easier than a package.  They are more expensive than packages, however.  

Nuc Sales