Hardcastle, Edmund

McQuay, Clifton "Quacky"

Tilghman, Richard

Bridges, Otis


Elliot, Chank ( 1904-?) and Bill (1904-1971), Easton, Maryland

Ed Parson, Oxford Maryland, 1856-1937

BeeGeorge Honey, LLC 

I buy antique (from the good old days) decoys (duck, goose, and related) from Talbot County Maryland.  Please contact me if you have any for sale. 

There are only two makers who produced commercially, the Elliott Brothers of Easton and Ed Parson's of Oxford.  I avidly purchase decoys from both makers.

There are a multitude of carvers who only produced birds for themselves, both known carvers and unknown carvers.  Some of the known artists, who I love their birds, are Richard Tilghman, AC Newman, Pete Richardson, Nelson and Irvin Ball, Ted Hanks, Frank Newman (several members of the Newman family also carved), Robert Lambdin, Edmund Hardcastle, Charles Howard Daffin, Quacky McQuay, Otis Bridges, and Woody Baynard.  I'm interested in the unknown carvers of Talbot County Maryland too.  Please contact me if you have some for sale. Thanks